when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么

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when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么(图5)

when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么(图7)

when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么(图9)

when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么(图12)

when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么(图16)

when are your classes?when后面能换成have吗?为什么(图18)

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When do you have your classes?


如果用动词 have 替换原是动词 are,新的句子是:

When do you have your classes?

-When are you going to Hainan? -I am going there_______...

答案:B解析: 试题分析: 在具体的一天前面用on。June 8,2009是具体的一天。句意为:你什么时候去海南?我2009年6月8日去那。故选B。 考点:考查介词的用法。

Most elephants are grey. Only a few are       . It’s difficult to...

考查动词。句意:很久以前,一只白象被带到国王前。 swept 打扫,painted  涂,taken拿走。根据Only the king could have a white elephant.只有国王能拥有一只白象,可知...

初中2年级英语作文when you are in bad mood,how deal with it?...

an exam;or you may become sad when you lose one of your friends.It's normal to have these feelings.If you don't know how to deal with these problems,there have some  wa...

You’d better_______ your cigarette when you are in the woo...

答案:C解析: 试题分析:句意:在树林里你最好灭掉香烟。put on穿戴,上演; put up 张贴,挂起; put out 熄灭;put off推迟,延期。所以选C。 考点:考查动词短语...

Many countries are setting up nation parks    animals and plan...

答案:C解析: 试题分析:句意:许多国家正在建立能够保护动植物的国家公园。根据题干分析此题考查的是定语从句,句中先行词是nation parks,在定语从句中作地点状语,所以关系...


at 10:00 tommorow. That can't be true.   You are not being very polite. Your b... The children are playing in the field. Samuel was eating when I came in. We have bee...

The boys are talking about when ______ (have) the class party.

The boys are talking about when to have the class party.

when are we going to eat ?和when are we going to have ?的区别

意思是一样的。第一句:When are we going to eat?   第二句:When are we going to have?&nb...

求CNBLUE《I don't know why》的歌词!!

and let us go crazy again  3、Y,Why... I know I've fallen in love when you'r... wanna love you I wanna hold you can you be the part of my life you can have it your wa...

If you want to do your homework right after school, you may eat s...

B. before在之前;C. after在之后;    D. when当什么时候。故选A。 【... 那么你就会有太多的作业要做。Have sth to do,有……要做。故选B。 【小题10】考查...



  • When are your classes.怎么回答。你的课程是什么时候 When are your classes 你的课程是什么时候
  • whenareyourclasses的中文when are your classes? 当你的课
  • —What do you usually do when you have morning classes? —W...C
  • we are __ when we hear the __ news-we dont have classes tom...你好 excited 是形容人的exciting 是形容事物的 所以第一个空是excited,第二个空是exciting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一...
  • Dear friends, Do you 1 you are lucky when you are sitting in the ...ABDAB BDCDD
  • 根据首字母提示填词 when do your classes (f ) At four in the mo...finish(结束的意思) 翻译是:你的课什么时候结束?早上四点 希望对您有用,顺祝您学习进步,天天开心 望采纳谢谢
  • When are you classes?是什么意思你们的课什么时候上?
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